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    Jonnie Arson - A Short Story

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    Jonnie Arson - A Short Story Empty Jonnie Arson - A Short Story

    Post  Alistair on Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:02 am

    Jonnie was tired…tired from running from Jonnie’s own dads little gang. He didn’t know why he was running, but all he knew his life depended on it. Jug, and Mug where still following him with ease, despite he had a head start they we’re letting him get ahead. Let the fool run down then they will drop on him…

    Jonnie was running across a street, looking back to see if those men followed him through the back alley. He knew they letting him escape, and then they will catch him. He was just hoping something lucky was going to happen to him.

    Jonnie had all the luck in the world.

    A truck engine rumbled to life, and drove straight for Jonnie Arson. He looked in horror as he got smashed up against the grate of a Big Mac truck. Jonnie’s life was over in split second, and his last thought was…well, you don’t wanna know. Really.

    Jug and Mug stared in amusement as their bosses son got railed by a semi truck, and semi kept on going like if nothing happened. Jug and Mug, and all their professional reasoning of hired thugs laughed, and left Jonnie Arson Jr. to die in his misery.

    This was their first mistake. No, it wasn’t all normal, angels come down from the heavens to save your, or 21 virgins at the pearly gates. It was something more normal. As Jonnie lied there bleeding to death, he felt a cold rough lick. This is the magical moment that we are waiting for, and you know it was coming.

    “Mr. Arson…Mr. Arson are you…alive, sir?”, asked a deep rough voice. “You took…quite a beating from something big and powerful.”


    “Yes, Mr. Arson, or if I may…call you Jonnie,” said the voice again,” you took a helluva beating from something. Do you recall anything?”

    Jonnie opened his eyes slowly, and peered into the light.

    It was Alex, one of the town cops. Alex knew him real well, due to his family business and plus, he got paid off by his father to do business on the streets. This was really bad fortune for him run into Alex who he was sure would report the failure of hired professionals.

    Alex was pointing his flash light right into his eyes, so he assumed it was still dark out, or at least a few hours before daylight appeared again. Alex laughed, and shot him again and again. He never knew it was coming.

    A cold rough lick.

    He woke up to a young lady looking down at him; asking he was sure if he was all right. Jonnie assured he was. Just a very bloody banged up shirt.

    A few hours later, he was baffled as he survived all of this little ordeal of his. It was like he was immortal in his mind as the lady kept talking, as he sipped his coffee and in ladies cloths. His hair still dripped wet from the shower to rinse everything off of him, and to his utter delight, and surprise not a scratch or a dent on him.

    “Would you like some more Coffee Mr…?”, she asked as got up from her chair. “I assure you it’s the best coffee you ever did have.”

    “Sure,” replied Jonnie as still shivered. “Also, if wasn’t to terrible to ask if have any more towels.”

    “Of course. I’ll be right back.”

    Jonnie thought this was the oddest thing that he ever did witness, well, her. No one makes good coffee. Anymore, at least to him and his former grandparents that use to run the house before his dad took over. The Mob. Those tools we’re still out lookin’ for him, and that cop for they want his body found and buried he was sure.

    He had to get away, and fast. Especially since he didn’t want this sexy latina that seemed to uncover him from the depths of hell of today. That assured there were some bad people out there, and some good. He just had to hope that she didn’t come up with some kind of poison in the coffee, or fly out with a shotgun.

    He fled.

    Arson ran for his life once again, but at least this time no one was on his back. He just had to find out why he was being hunted by his dad’s goons, or even worse yet, his dad himself. What was the cause, what was the reason he was being hung out to dry. Jonnie Arson ran even harder.

    Jonnie opened the door. It was locked. ****, he thought, she might wanted me dead as well or calling the police or my dad. He fretted. He looked for the look on the door, but there wasn’t any. He thought this was rather peculiar, neither less.

    “Jonnie?” she called out. “Are you still around, or did you take off? Jonnie?”

    He stayed quiet. Fretful of what might happen to him next, or anything in the future for that matter of self importance related physical damage to his soul, or body. Jonnie heard her get closer, and he hoped he didn’t get caught behind the shower curtain. Not the best place to hide he admitted, but it was better than no where.

    A slight rap on the door turned her attention, and then a not a second later the door crashed down. ****! They we’re after him, and he had to get out of here before they find him in the best hiding spot in the world, but unknown him at this time, it was.

    “Megan,” shouted out a voice. “I know you are around here, and we have to talk about our divorce. You cheated me you ugly whore, and your going to regret it.”

    A shot rang out.

    Chapter 2

    It was over, Jonnie was dazed lying in the bathtub, and no blood on him at all. Matter of fact, not even a scratch on his tattered body, well, nothing new anyways. He concluded that he must have fainted as the moments came back to him in whirlwind of emotions.

    He stood still, didn’t hear a mouse move. He looked behind the curtain of the shower and saw…nothing. Weird he thought, and moved forward. Looked through the door, and then much to his horror, saw nothing else either. This was odd.

    He looked around the house, and found not a single soul, as if the whole place was totally sterile. Noone lived here, but left all their belongings behind. Did he dream this, or was truly real. He had his doubts, but kept pressing forward.

    He looked outside the door, which oddly, crashed down as well when heard that man’s voice when he was hiding like a wussy in the bathroom. Jonnie looked around into the hallway to see if anyone was out there. Silence; nor a person in sight as he looked down the corridor which was very lightly lighted.

    Mr. Arson stepped forward, and the wood creaked very loudly as he stepped into the hallway. Great, he thought what happens if someone just heard that. No, he couldn’t believe it if was this silent, and how thin this walls we’re. But of course, his lucky was bad enough.

    The steps down the first level of this apartment laid before he, and he freaked. What happens if someone heard him, or better yet, waiting for him bottom of the stair’s. Jonnie Arson had to be brave. He took his first step to his 5th fatal flaw of the last few days.

    Jonnie fell head over heels down the staircase with a loud bang, and kept going forward as he cried out in pain. Felt like old wounds we’re reopening as he tumbled down to his demise. Too him it was slow mo, but he had to admit…the carpet was a nice padding for otherwise more painful experience.

    Gasping for air he sat for a few, and trying not to cry in pain and frustration. He moved; nothing at least felt broken. Slowly Jonnie got up from his wonderful demise, and looked around. Still quiet as a pin drop, and he marveled how no one came out to help him, or at least see what happened. Arson dusted himself off, with very excruciation agony and held onto the door frame, and peered out side.

    A normal day in the park. He stepped forward into the light, a nice breezy day between summer and spring, the perfect day. Random people we’re walking to running along the side walk, and cares passing by without a care. Maybe he had nothing to fear after all, really it appeared that way.

    Jonnie kept walking at a good clip down the sidewalk of 6th street to a friend’s house that lived a few blocks away. He couldn’t imagine his luck any other way, even if was kinda been shitty these past couple of days. I mean, he thought, his luck had to change some way, and this was it. Freedom to get outta this hell hole he was in.

    That thought wasn’t about to last long.

    Mr. Arson skipped up onto staircase that led up to his friend, Ron Ginger lived. The guy was kind of a screw ball in some warped sense. He thought he was the future rock star of Kiss, not that Ron needed to this for he was like the living clone of Gene Simmons. The bastard even sung, and talked like him along with having every merchandise item Kiss ever put out. Even an eleven thousand dollar guitar Ron won through an action on EBAY.

    Yep. He had it all, down to the smallest item.

    Jonnie knocked on the door, and heard a little scream, muffled, and a giggle. Oh, great thought Jonnie, he must be with his girlfriend Alison. Not that he wanted to walk on ‘em while they we’re going at it, for whatever kinky freaky things they we’re doing. Alison the groupie Jonnie joked, and made fun of his best friend Ron.

    The door slowly opened, and he had a gun pointed to his head. “What are ya doing here,” asked a voice behind the door. “Don’t tell me it’s for my Kiss collectables. I have nothing give to you. So **** off.”

    “It’s me, Ron. Jonnie.”

    “Oh,” replied the voice. It sure didn’t sound like Ron.

    “Yep. So who is this behind the door?”

    “Well, none of your damn business…that’s for sure. So beat it, and beat it good.”

    All right. Now it had to be Ron, only he talked like that.

    “C’mon, give it up and I don’t know who you are tryin’ to spoke,” he replied, “but sure isn’t working with me.”

    The door crashed down upon Jonnie, and he was quite utterly surprised that this happened at such a rapid pace, and wondering who n the heck would have a door make fall on him. Surely it isn’t Ron now, as his head hit the floor with a loud whack.

    Couple of hours later he woke up in Ron’s apartment with two strangely similar faces in front of him. Granted, he was still a little knocked up from his encounter earlier with the door. It was still a little hazy, well, his vision anyways, and he was sure he had a black eye for when the doorknob.

    It was his friends from the recent past, Jug and Mug. Of course, what a idiot Jonnie was for they knew about Ron.

    The end was near, real near to good ol’ Jonnie.



    I know this sucks really really bad since I haven't written in like 6 years or so, besides poetry, but that doesn't count.

    Anyways, enjoyed the suckage, I hope?
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    Jonnie Arson - A Short Story Empty Re: Jonnie Arson - A Short Story

    Post  GrinfilledCelt on Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:16 am

    English isn't your first language is it? It was an interesting story but difficult to read. Where's chapter three?
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    Jonnie Arson - A Short Story Empty Re: Jonnie Arson - A Short Story

    Post  Alistair on Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:52 pm


    Sorry it took so long to write back, for it's been busy as you can imagine here.... No, English is my first language, but I haven't wrote in like forever, but I thought I would post it for the heck of it, and poetry is more of my forte, I do believe. Maybe I'll put up something shortly that I think is good, or a newer work so you can get a feel.

    I ended it. I didn't know where else go with it, but I'm working on another one, tho. =D I'm sure your overjoyed. Hahaha.


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    Jonnie Arson - A Short Story Empty Re: Jonnie Arson - A Short Story

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