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    One of my older poems...

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    One of my older poems... Empty One of my older poems...

    Post  Alistair on Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:02 am

    Look all around me
    All I see is despair
    In these sacred halls
    Searching for truth
    On these etched walls

    Feeling the sketches
    With a gliding hand
    Like a ancient dream
    Images of long ago
    Drawing their theme

    The legacy of their art
    Pulls me through
    To the very last
    Of what is buried
    In the distant past

    Feeling the arcane
    A place of wonder
    That surrounds me
    Fabric of reality
    Creating what I see

    Seeing livid images
    Of a new reality
    A magical land
    Enchanted –
    Upon a grain of sand

    “I look all around
    Into the truth-
    Of a magical life
    Madness of creation”

    An image before me
    Truth beyond words
    Vision of my reality
    Set in a wall –
    My own mortality

    Scott Caretto
    November 12, 2007
    10: 58 PM

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