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    How do you get your anime?

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    How do you get your anime? Empty How do you get your anime?

    Post  GrinfilledCelt on Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:47 pm

    Do you see it on tv or online, download it, buy it at a store or mail order it?

    Mostly I download it using bit torrent. If I hear of something old that I missed or the latest episodes, that's usually how I get it. If I really like a show, I'll buy it if/when it becomes available.

    Do I feel guilty about being a pirate? Not in the slightest. Because I download anime I find a lot of it that I want to own, so I buy it. If I weren't downloading it, I wouldn't be seeing or buying much - if any. If I weren't downloading anime I would probably think of anime like most other Americans as being a load of kiddy crap because that is pretty much the only anime that gets on tv over here.
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    How do you get your anime? Empty Re: How do you get your anime?

    Post  Alistair on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:02 pm


    ***Fourm Nazi Alert: Wrong fourm! =D ***

    Anyways, yes. I'm the same way, and I tend to get it from spefic sites that have RSS feeds or what not. It's the only way in America, since a lot of it is, as you've said...kiddie based. Alot of the Senien, or what not isn't tend to be released over here. If I like it enough, I'll buy it assuming gets released. Alot of companies buy right, and sit on it, and wonder where the fanbase goes. =/

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    How do you get your anime? Empty Re: How do you get your anime?

    Post  sweetnsassy on Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:31 am

    I typically catch stuff that's on adultswim or AniMonday on SciFi. What I don't watch on those channels, I watch on sites that the companies run, such as Funimation's YouTube channel. I will admit that I used to watch pirated stuff, but lately I've grown a conscience and stopped. I've been to way too many panels about how badly the industry is hurting to continue stealing from it. In fact, the last show I watched fansubs of was Moribito, which I fully intend to purchase (both to do my part to help the industry and because it's an awesome, amazing show Very Happy ). Okay, enough preaching, I'll get off my soapbox Smile

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    How do you get your anime? Empty Re: How do you get your anime?

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