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    Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"


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    Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"

    Post  billyarnie on Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:51 pm

    I'm going to use the titles on Wiki & ANN rather than Anime-Kraze's from the fansubs. I will say, however, I thought their title for Episode 3, "Mortal Combat", was more appropriate than "A Fight To the Death".

    My impressions & comments for Episode 12:
    • "The looser the collar, the closer the festival"? Sounds like people in New Orleans for Mardi Gras... or in San Antonio for Fiesta...
    • On the title card, Balsa looks really pissed...
    • Chagum adds 2 & 2 and gets 4... he realizes he's seen the fires from the palace.
    • It's a nice peace of Yogoan history he recites about the Founding Festival in the spring...
    • Smart boy... he realizes the festival was moved to the summer due to spring planting. I'm liking Chagum more & more...
    • Chagum's finally become a commoner... or has he?
    • Bossy Kid's (BK) got his superstitions mixed up! Laughing
    • Chagum's seen someone from the royal family... and hasn't gone blind? Oops... is he in trouble?
    • I thought BK would be the one Chagum would fight,,, BTW, the Rota boy acts like a Shonen Wannabe (SW)... & why do they have to crack their necks?! Laughing
    • Ouch... BK's getting pwned by the wannabe...
    • Hey, does SW think he's in the WWE?! That's a bit much...
    • Wow, Chagum's got a pair already... or is he being stupid? Taking up for the Emperor... the father that wanted to Kill Him?! Shocked
    • Balsa knows her martial arts... & the difference between combat & horseplay. But of course... she's Balsa! Wink
    • Balsa's caution kicks in... someone might realize they're not dead, or word might get back to the Mikado. Poor Chagum... Sad
    • She'll teach him how to win if he promises he won't go? Then why teach him in the 1st Place?!
    • So she teaches him about momentum instead...
    • The opening ceremony of the festival is very beautiful...
    • Eels for dinner? Ewww...
    • Chagum figures out momentum... and Leverage... Idea
    • Meanwhile, at the rucha match, some big guy's winning... maybe SW's dad?
    • Grilled B-B-Q eel... Yum Yum. NOT!
    • She'd knew he'd go... but did he promise? Spin doctors want to know...
    • Chagum's on the run... will he make it in time?
    • The other kids have to eat slugs? Wait.... Chagum finally makes it!
    • So SW's "afraid to fight"? Way to piss him off, Chagum!
    • "If you're not all talk"... Chagum's begging to be pwned... or is he?
    • He steps aside & adds a little push... that works for sumo wrestling too, Chagum!
    • Oh, now SW reniges... & calls Chagum & the Emperor cheats?! Scumbag! Mad
    • Dad's being big by asking SW to concede... because he thinks he & his son are tougher than anyone. He hasn't met Balsa yet! Wink
    • And speaking of... Balsa wants SW to keep his promise... but he lies about that! Scumbag x 2!
    • Balsa knoes how to piss people off too... Settle it parent to parent? So she admits she's his mom?
    • SW wants to chicken out... but dad won't. Too bad Wink
    • "We don't have a father in our family"... I thought you were the man of the house, Balsa! BTW, where's Tanda? Thank Gawd he didn't have to fight SW's dad!
    • So he's from Rota & she's from Kanbal... where women are men & men are beeyotches!
    • Ooh, Chagum's still in trou-ble...
    • Dad cracks his shoulder... like father, like son... & Balsa sez, "Bring it!" Laughing
    • Hey, no fair... Balsa Knows Judo!
    • "You held back because she's a woman... right, Dad?" SW gets beeyotch-slapped.
    • "That woman's something special"? I'll say it again... She's Balsa!
    • We don't hear the apology & takebacks... too bad!
    • Heading back home... Chagum says he broke his promise 1st. A good spin doctor would say, "I didn't hear a promise"...
    • And she understands he was sticking up for his parents & their honor.
    • The snake & the frog... foreshadowing Episode 13... or later?

    Next Time, "Neither Man not Tiger". Kick @$$, Balsa!
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    Re: Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"

    Post  ryuzaki11 on Mon Feb 16, 2009 10:27 pm

    Ahahaha...I loved this episode, that's right put those rota people in their place...mwahahaha.

    They've talked about this episode quite alot in the [as], speaking of which, we should get those people in here man. invite them dude, via pm, I can't pm for some reason.

    The snake thing in the end...FORESHADOWING?
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    Re: Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"

    Post  GrinfilledCelt on Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:20 pm

    They defended their honor and earned respect, but it cost them big time. They thought that they had found a good place to hide and a home but now they have to move on.
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    Re: Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"

    Post  ryuzaki11 on Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:20 pm

    Yea, Balsa's gonna have to beat someone up ahaha.

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    Re: Discussion for Episode 12 - "Summer Solstice Festival"

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