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    Post  ryuzaki11 on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:57 am

    Updated 2/5/09

    We need more members, invite people who are active in other forums such as [as], ANN, ANfo etc. Push for more population and circulation of ideas man.

    Here's a letter I wrote you can post/send someone who watches the show:

    Calling all Moribito fans! You are invited to the dedicated forum/archive.

    Here's our link:

    Our forum features all information on the show and related topics in English. I gladly accept all contributions for the betterment and amount of information in our archive. You can also discuss anything you want about the anime (except for really pointless things.)

    I started this forum because all the other sites for this show in English became a bit stagnant, since the show has been out for a long time now. I also wanted to drum up enough noticeable support to increase the probability of a sequel. I was really itching for some discussion and finally it occurred to me that I had to be the one to gather all the fans in in one site and have information they might need and discuss to their hearts' desire.

    ** Anime Info/Discussion
    ** Novel Info/Discussion
    ** Music Info/Discussion
    ** Graphics and Fan art submission section
    ** and many more...

    Basically this site has a lot to offer and you are also needed, so you can give to the forum as well. This site is dynamic and I will hear what you have to say, for the improvement of the site.

    I hope you would join in and register to join the club. I will update this message if need be. Contact me for any problems at all.

    Thank you very much,

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