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    Post  ryuzaki11 on Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:24 pm

    *- Anime added characters. Source: (YES WIKIPEDIA lol.), last update: 1/28/09

    Characters. Balsa
    A skilled warrior from the faraway land of Kanbal. Balsa claims to be a simple bodyguard-for-hire; in reality she wields her spear in order to save lives in atonement for the eight lives that were taken to protect her when she was a child. She is around thirty. Balsa is pragmatic and intelligent and she does not hold much regard for class distinction customs. Despite her deadly skill with a spear, Balsa tries not to kill in combat.

    Characters. Chagum
    The second prince of the Imperial Family. Chagum bears the egg of the water spirit. At first it is believed to be the reincarnation of a demon defeated by his ancestor, the first Emperor. Convinced that it would bring misfortune and destruction to the country, Chagum's father secretly condemns him to death. However, before they could assassinate him, his mother, the Second Empress, hired Balsa to hide and protect him. Later, it was revealed that the egg is a water-bestowing spirit that revives the land once every hundred years. The real demon that his ancestors defeated was a creature that seeks to consume the egg before it can hatch.

    His life is the last for Balsa's atonement to be finished.

    Characters. Tanda
    An herbalist who lives in the mountains. His skill as a shaman is lacking, but he is a good doctor due to always having to stitch up Balsa after her many battles. He also works as a traveling medicine man, trading his wares with the local towns and cities.

    Characters. ShamanTorogai
    An old shaman and Tanda's teacher. A master of the old ways, she is in-tune with the spirit world, Nayug. It is this relationship that allowed her to discover the spirit's true identity. She is capable of communicating with denizens of the spirit realm through water.

    Characters. Jiguro3
    Balsa's mentor, caretaker, and bodyguard. Originally the leader and strongest member of the king of Kanbal's 'Nine Spears'; he 'betrayed' his country to save Balsa's life. After fleeing Kanbal, they were pursued by the other eight 'Spears'. In a series of pitched battles, Jiguro was forced to kill the men he considered his best friends. He also trained Balsa to wield a spear and she later 'inherited' his spear after he passed away.

    Kōsenkyō Downtown (Ōgi-no-Shimo)

    Characters. Tohya2
    An orphan boy and friend of Balsa, whom he regards as his elder sister. It is later discovered that he and Saya were saved by Balsa, and that is how they became acquainted. This may be the reason why Tōya claims that he would go "through fire and water for Balsa".

    An orphan girl who is a friend of Balsa. Due to Balsa staying at their hut, she and Tōya have to leave the city and end up following Balsa.

    The Blue Hand* (Aoi-te)
    A slave trader acquainted with Balsa. Balsa buys slaves from him to serve as decoys when escaping from the manhunt.

    The Swordsmith*
    A highly skilled smith who forges swords for guards of the imperial court. He was the smith that created Jiguro's spear that Balsa inherited.

    [edit] The Palace (Ōgi-no-Kami)

    Mikado (The Emperor)
    Due to the belief that Chagum was possessed and that the possession was the reason for the Drought Sign being seen, he ordered Chagum to be killed. The Emperor is the only one able to kill Chagum due to fact that was how his ancestor ascended the throne (by killing a Water Spirit), and the belief that only the Emperor knows this method.

    Ni-no-Kisaki (The Second Empress)
    Mother to Chagum, she was the one who requested Balsa to become Chagum's bodyguard.

    Ichi-no-Kisaki (The First Empress)

    Chagum's older brother. Cares deeply for Chagum. When Chagum's belongings were ordered burned after Chagum was presumed dead, Sagum took over the task to protect Chagum's things. He dies from overwork in his responsibilities as Crown Prince before being able to see Chagum alive again.

    Star Diviners

    Characters. Shuga
    Chagum's tutor; the youngest master star diviner in history. He is amongst the only three people aware of the hunters that serve in the Emperor's shadow. He investigates the real cause of the Drought Sign and Chagum's supposed death in secret.


    Sagum's tutor, later entrusted by Shuga with the responsibility of organizing the translations of the Secret Tome.

    The Hunters (Karyūdo)

    Mon (No.1)
    One of the initial pursuers sent to retrieve prince Chagum after Balsa leaves with him. Head of the hunters.

    Jin (No.2)
    One of the initial pursuers sent to retrieve prince Chagum after Balsa leaves with him. After securing the prince, Jin attempts to kill him so that he may not die by his father's hands regardless that he would be killed after. He deems it a favour in return for the kindness that the prince showed him earlier in his life.

    Zen (No.3)
    One of the initial pursuers sent to retrieve prince Chagum after Balsa leaves with him.

    Yun (No.4)
    One of the initial pursuers sent to retrieve prince Chagum after Balsa leaves with him.




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    Post  GrinfilledCelt on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:21 am

    ryuzaki11 wrote:A skilled warrior from the faraway land of Kanbal.
    That kinda depends on where you are, doesn't it? "Toma, a high school girl from the far away land of Japan." Smile

    Dang! I just realized that I'm going to have to get busy watching this again so I can help fill in some of those blanks. I'm sure that there are a lot more blanks elsewhere, too.
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    Post  ryuzaki11 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:42 pm

    I was gonna write up character bios for each of them but not right now cause I have no time, I took this from wikipedia.

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